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Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Educational Program!

Subject: Metal Wall Systems:
Rainscreen Systems and Insulated Metal Panels

Presented by Tim Del Monte
Business Development Manager

Tim Del Monte is a seasoned professional in the building façade industry. With nearly 25 years of experience working for metal panel product manufacturers and specialty sub-contractors. Tim has experience in how products are designed, manufactured, and specified. Tim has led design assist efforts for major façade projects and understands the importance of proper budgeting, product selection, schedule, constructability and collaboration. This unique blend of experience provides exceptional value to our clients.


CENTRIA Presentation Outline

  • Understand the types of exterior metal wall systems that are available.
  • Single Skin Rainscreen Systems
  • Modular Metal Panel Systems
  • Insulated Metal Panels
  • Discuss the types of rainscreen systems available
  • Drained Back Ventilated
  • Pressure Equalized Systems
  • Review the types of exterior cladding choices available and explain how they are manufactured
  • Exposed Fastener
  • Concealed Fastener
  • Modular Metal Panel Systems
  • Will discuss price points for each type
  • Insulated Metal Panels
  • Commercial/Industrial vs Architectural
  • Price Points for Each
  • Describe how Insulated Metal Panels Are Manufactured
  • Foamed In Place Vs Laminated-Why this is important when evaluating cost of IMP’s
  • Explain How Insulated Metal Panels are a single component solution to a multi component wall
  • IMP’s serve as the air, vapor, and thermal control layers
  • Describe how IMP’s reduce labor cost and improve schedule
  • Single Source Responsibility with a fully tested single component wall assembly
  • Discuss the use of IMP”s as a back up wall system for rainscreen walls
  • 4 in 1 back up wall solution
  • Compatible with a majority of exterior façade and rainscreen materials, including terra cotta, GFRC, Plate, ACM and even brick.
  • Discuss price point vs traditional built walls


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